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Older People's Issues

I offer advice, give talks and write articles about a wide range of issues which affect older people, from choosing appropriate housing to eating a nutritious diet, maximising income to surviving a hospital stay, getting around city centres if you have a disability to finding romance in later life.

My mother spent time in three care homes in the late 1990s and the treatment of people in these establishments has been an enduring interest of mine ever since. You can read the story of my personal experience of the care field here Dementia - The Day I Abducted My Mother. A hundred pages of my Survival Guide to Later Life deal with choosing and living in a care home, and I have reported on the selection of care homes and how to remain happy in them in the annual publication Care Select - Choosing a Care Home Choosing a Care Home.

Elderly ActivitiesImprovements to the care homes system are desperately and urgently needed and if you would like some ideas on what these might be, do contact me. Until recently I was a trustee of the only national charity which tries to support people living in care homes and to secure improvements to the care homes system, the Relatives and Residents Association.

Apart from care homes, there are certain fields in which I have a particular interest. These include:

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My 640-page A Survival Guide to Later Life covers a range of topics in fields such as housing choices, maximising income in later life and obtaining practical help in the home and good care in hospital. I believe that many of the problems of old age can be avoided if people plan ahead and become better informed about their rights as well as the range of help available to them.